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Aukštos kokybės Ispanijos gamintojo orkaitė, kūrenama medžio anglimis ir visiškai autonomiška (nereikia elektros ar dujų). Didelis vienu metu gaminamo maisto kiekis - net 75kg per 1 valandą! Orkaitė turi termoizoliaciją, puikiai laiko šilumą, mažai sunaudoja medžio anglies. Lengvai naudojama gamybos procese, nesudėtingai ir tiksliai valdoma termperatūra. Taip pat orkaitė yra saugi ir atitinka visus griežčiausius priešgaisrinės apsaugos reikalavimus Europos Sąjungoje! Rekomenduojame papildomai prie orkaitės įsigyti patentuotą kaminuko sistemą su apsauga nuo liepsnos.
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Kilmės šalis: Ispanija
Gamintojas: Pira The Charcoal Ovens Company

This model standardizes its modular width of 80 cm and has the same depth as the Pira 70 XL LUX.

The model PIRA 80 LUX is the third charcoal oven in size of a new generation of charcoal ovens that is revolutionizing the world of catering.
Its features, performance, savings and size make it a very economical model, profitable and preferred by many chefs for its comfortability.

PIRACOLD is a cooling system designed and registered by PIRA, the most important effects are the outdoor oven temperature and energy savings:

  • When the oven reaches its maximum operating temperature, the oven outside structure temperature remain controlled and safe.
  • The temperature inside the cooking chamber is maintained for hours, even after the service is finished. Thus, although production is equal that other oven with the same dimensions, this oven saves energy and money; because of there is a very low charcoal consumption. The same amount of charcoal can be used to cook up to 25% than an charcoal oven without PIRACOLD.

It is ideal for small / medium establishments or for restaurants where the grill is an additional line in the menu.

The best oven at the best price!

Thanks to the internal oil & grease collector, this model let you also cook with a grooved grill all kinds of food without flames and avoiding burning the food: fish, meat, vegetables.

The Pira 80 LUX is equipped with a glass that withstands high temperatures up to 750ºC allowing you to view the food whilst you are cooking, this helps to maintain oven temperature and reduces charcoal consumption.

Technical details

  • Output meat per hour = 75kg
  • Fitted with front grease collection tray – prevents flames and fires
  • Cast iron steel interior – retains heat within the oven
  • Fitted with hinged glass door – glass door will withstand temperatures up to 750ºC
  • Glass door allows you to view products being cooked – this means you don’t have to keep opening the door so maintaining the oven temperature and helping to reduce charcoal consumption.
  • Fully insulated oven chamber
  • Piracold inside
  • Fitted with thermometer
  • Fitted as standard with internal Air flow control and Firebreak – prevents fire exiting the oven and going into the extract canopy. These devices can be supplied as well in external version.
  • Can be used with all types of charcoal.
  • Air flow entrance control and smokes exit control, included
  • Ash collection tray
  • Supplied with 4 adjustable legs.
  • Supplied with 1 standard stainless steel grid, 1 meat tongs and 1 poker.
  • Can be supplied in Black version or can be finished with stainless steel version.

Included accessories

Other accessories

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Aukštos kokybės ir ispanijos gamintojo orkaitė, kūrenama medžio anglimis ir visiškai autonomiška (ne..
Aukštos kokybės ir ispanijos gamintojo orkaitė, kūrenama medžio anglimis ir visiškai autonomiška (ne..